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Screen turns black after pressing power key


i have a problem....i recently bought a pc...

intel DH77EB board,

i3 3rd gen processor,

1 tb hard disk

8gb ram, 1600 DDR3

600 wtt PSU

asus GTR 640 - 2gb graphics

after attaching with monitor (AVI type), when i pressed power key, screen turned black, no intel had displayed...

What are the steps i have to follow to recover this problems.....

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Hello Soumik,

The first thing you may want to try is taking the system to a minimum configuration (without graphics card and only one memory stick) and check if you get video or any beeps.

Make sure both power supply cables (2x2, 2x12) are connected and try not to use any converters to the monitor.

You may also try to clear the CMOS in your motherboard by removing the battery for 20 minutes without power connected.

The next steps will depend on the outcome or behavior the system presents; please refer to the following article for further troubleshooting steps: