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Second Hand DG33BU Missing SMBIOS Data


I've recently purchased a second-hand DG33BU board from eBay and it's working great apart from quite a few SMBIOS strings including the AA number are missing resulting in an annoying error on every bootup requiring a keypress to resume loading the OS.

None of the Windows or DOS BIOS flashing tools or the built in recovery program will work on the board which I gather is due to the missing BIOS ID (I assume the first couple of parts of this are checked against the new BIOS even during a recovery). I tried hex editing the first appearance of the BIOS ID in the .BIO to replace the entire string with \x00 and then flashing this with IFLASH2 however it failed on this occasion because the BIOS IDs were identical. I then tried only changing the first few characters of the ID but it still said they were identical so I didn't pursue that avenue any further.

I've already asked about getting a replacement and the seller is willing to exchange for a DQ45CB however this one is already built inside a PC happily running a Q6600 @ 2.9GHz with setfsb so swapping it out for a board I know I won't be able to overclock at all (apart from with the sketchy BSEL mod) isn't a great prospect to me.

I've trawled the internet far and wide and the only software that seems like it would be able to program these values is the Integrator Toolkit however it doesn't detect the board at all and it doesn't specifically mention being able to program the usually pre-set ones so I have my doubts anyway.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? I'm not really bothered about risk at this point since it can't be resold in this state anyway and I'm fairly confident with what I'm doing when it comes to this kind of thing

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Thanks for joining the Desktop board community.

I understand the board model DG33BU does not have SMBIOS string information.

This is a mature product and I remember this used to happen when the board was pre-production unit. I regret to inform you that Intel does not provide BIOS or other methods to update SMBIOS strings.