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Seeking BIOS update for DG31PR motherboard


Hello, I'm looking for a BIOS update for the subject board, but Intel say downloads have been removed for the board.  Where can I get the BIOS. 



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bios 0071 is attached.

Now, why do you think you need to update the bios?

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


Thanks very much, Al.

I'm having trouble with this PC spontaneously rebooting.  I'm running MXLinux 20.x.   I'm watching CPU cores and disk temps with sensor applets on the machine, and all are hovering around 35C, so no problem there.  I've done many fsck and badblocks (including forced write) scans of the disk, with no errors found.  Also ran several full mem checks.

I attempted several different lightweight linux distro live disk, which worked well from USB, but when I attempted installs, they all spontaneously rebooted.   Each attempt, BTW, I blew away all partitions (gparted), so had virgin disk and brand new MBR to work with.

I finally got MXLinux installed, but it continues to spontaneously reboot, but to a lesser degree than when I was attempting installs.  Haven't been able to find any clues in the logs.  OS is up-to-date.   I opened the case and vaccummed/blew out fans and CPU. 

What I have not tried so far -- getting BIOS up-to-date.  It's on PRG311OH.86A.0052.2008.0112.1910 -- a 2008 BIOS.  And -- a BIOS that old is a security risk as well.

I'm open to anything else you can suggest. 

This sort of a labor of love/science experiment for elderly and $$ limited friends who were trying to run Win10 on this old machine with 2GB of RAM (ouch).  All they need it for is Yahoo email <slaps forehead> and light surfing.  It works quite well for that running MX.  Classic case of bringing an old PC back to life with linux.   IF I can control these abends.

What's the date on 0071, BTW?  Why did Intel pull all their BIOS?  Why not let people self-service?




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bios 0071 is from 2010:

I would try another power supply.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


OK, well 2yrs newer is better than what I got now

re power supply, well, then I'm sinking money into a 12 YO computer.  However, your point is taken in that I have not examined the power supply (except for blowing, vaccuming the fan)   I should unplug/replug all connections, make sure they are clean.  Thanks.

I'm also going to run some extended stress tests on the thing, see if I can MAKE it abend.

In the release notes  ver 0068:

Fixed issue where wrong CPU temperature is displayed

So what if my CPU is really hotter than is showing....maybe its just overheating.  8-|   Need to disassemble the CPU sink, REALLY clean it, get it cooler.

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This is referring to the temperature displayed while in BIOS Setup, not the temperature displayed by any other software at runtime.

Note that, in general, temperatures seen in BIOS Setup will be higher than temperatures seen at runtime. This is because, while in BIOS Setup, all Power Management features of the processor are disabled.