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Smoke From Front Panel Header


Hi All,


I made a mistake, I was so excited to put my XBOX PC mod together, that I wired the front panel incorrectly and then managed to make the panel header smoke, or so I think. I had the board mounted and it posted minus some setup issues during post but never bothered to make changes in the BIOS as I only wanted to ensure the machine booted. I wired the power button to the HDD Activity LED (No Harm as I could Tell). Once I realized this, I jumpered the power button headers without issues and it was fine. I hard powered off and when trying to jumper the header, I believe I jumped the 5 Volt Power and HDD LED Ground or Reset v volt and LED Ground. I can't be sure which two made contact.

That said, there was a spark and smoke from somewhere very near the front panel header or the header itself.

Now the board will attempt to boot and seems to goto standby as the cpu fan stops and the Standby light on the board as well as the ready light on my Mini PCIe SSD are both lit but no video and no fans.

Has anyone else done this and is there any hope to save the board?

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Hello randomusr,

I am sorry for this issue.

We have to consider the possibility the board could be already damaged. However, you may try the following if this is an Intel® motherboard:

  • Remove all drives, devices and internal cables connected to the board and the power supply also.
  • Remove the CMOS battery for 20-30 minutes.
  • Reconnect power supply only, RAM will not be needed (only the processor).
  • Expect three beeps and the green standby LED on when you turn the system on. Of course you may want to check your motherboard has a piezoelectric speaker.

If you do not get beeps or LED from the board then it is damaged. If you do get them, continue adding the RAM in order to test for video.

In case further assistance is needed please provide the motherboard model number.


It sounds like the best way to resolve this problem is to somehow work out how to get the smoke back on the board. I'm out of ideas on how you'd do that though