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Socket 1156 or 1366 in view of upgradability

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Hello there,

I am putting together a new machine for gaming. I sincerely like the socket 1156 i7-860 and I like the Asus Motherboard as well that I was looking at. My question refers to something else. My question is, now that the 1366 is out, is Intel going to continue making upgaded, new processors for the socket 1156 motherboards that will be worth buying in comparison to the i7-860 or are they going to continue to work on the 1366 socket architecture?

I ask this because as a IT person myself, I feel it pointless to buy a new board/ram/processor every single time I want to improve performance. Therefore, before investing my money into something that I will be using a lot, I wanted to make sure that Intel will provide a way for me to upgrade it in the future. The board itself is capable of 16GB of DDR-3 1333MHz, 1600MHz, or 1800MHz, so I am not worried about upgrading my memory. I am only worried about whether or not Intel will be making decent enough upgrades to the i7 for the socket 1156 series.

I have searched intel and have not found any plans on releasing or creating any new socket 1156 motherboards, so I am asking an Intel expert to please assist me in that question. I understand that many times it is a breach of policy to disclose information about up and coming product information, so I don't need any specifics, just a simple - yes they are planning on working on 1156 socket chips, and some information perhaps regarding it, or a no, they are not going to be making any significant upgraded chips for the 1156 and you should go with 1366 if you plan on upgrading in the future, and here is information on why.

Thank You in advance.

-Boris Shaulov

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Same Question. is their going to be new processors such as the i7-970 for 1156 sockets? Is the short year span it seems to have through internet talk, is quite odd to me and is why I still have the board new in its plastic box.

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Build faster!

Sad but true, that in most cases each cycle on the CPU leads to improvements that make the new CPU incompatible with the older boards.

Intel runs what they call a Tick, Tock plan currently were the first version of the CPU (TICK say nehielem) gets refreshed about a year later with a mostly compatible update (TOCK Westmere) (sorry am more familiar with servers then desktops so don't know those off the top of my head)

Sometime extra CPU sku for speed bumps / steppings are also released during this phase

The Tick / Tock is basicly to address the problem with your needing a new mother board every generation.

The older familys are usually around for a couple more years after the new family releases, but new development is focus on the newer family.

One nice thing about this plan, is the price of the last generation processors is usually much less than the current generation.