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Something is burnt in my Motherboard


There seems to be something burnt in my desktop motherboard... I have attached the posts in the below links...

MoBo - Intel DP55WB

Any other info please ask... The problem I looked into was because my PC was giving the two beeps break two beeps issue... when I showed the pics to a computer service engineer, he claimed it can be fixed easily and said it just takes a day...

Is it true that it can be fixed... I don't want to be screwed for some petty cash, then later realizing it was all for nothing...

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Hi Geekselva,

I'm not sure that the beeps are related to the burnt board, but see if the information here helps: No Video and Two Beeps During Boot for Intel® Desktop Boards

Intel stopped making boards several years ago so we have this forum for users to connect with and help each other, but unfortunately we don't have Support Engineers answering questions. I'm sorry about that but hope that link helps.


Mary T.

Support Community Manager