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Something went wrong - Intel Driver and Support Assistant

Been running this for months with no problem.

This morning it tells me an update is available.  When I click on the menu my browser opens and I get the error message "Something went wrong"

Refresh the page, no good.

Open and close browser and try again, no good.

Reboot and try again, no good.

Uninstall and reinstall, no good.


How hard is it to keep this running without errors?

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Nothing is running concurrently as I just showed.  What reg edits?  I was explaining to you how the install works.  You can see the set of registry entries that are modified very easily.  

What attitude?  I'm simply stating facts.  I'm not sure what you mean by what else have you not told us about?   I've stated everything that I know of that is relevant and provided more information when asked.  I disabled AV and tried it on multiple browsers, which I already stated.

Trying it on 4 different browsers is a troubleshooting step.  I'm not sure why anyone would think that's not a reasonable thing to try.  Chrome in particular gets updated frequently and introduces new security changes regularly -- they've been closing more holes aggressively this year.  Internet security is what I do for a living.  Many updates this year were particularly troublesome for this exact kind of thing.

I first noticed it not scanning a while ago, but it only really became a problem with an update that just appeared that morning. 

Recommending an AV uninstall and clean then a computer reset for something as simple as this is pretty troubling.  

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You refuse to answer one question - why not uninstall kaspersky completely?  I do not care how "troubling" you think it is.  Why not test it on another computer that you have?  There are lots of things you could do.  Do you have another computer where IDSA is working?  Is kaspersky running on it?

And, since you have proven to not be completely honest in your stating your problem, I am done with this thread. 

Good luck.

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