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Startup problem on DN2800MT


HI Experts,

I have been using a DN2800MT successfully some time as an on board computer on my boat.

Earlier this year it started to become unreliable. After contacting the supplier and others I have got nowhere.

Firstly, the board is designed to run over a wide voltage range (8-19 VDC) I am using 14.2Volts on a DC-DC regulated PSU.

On occasions the board will not start (when the On -Off button is pressed there is no response!) the power is reaching the motherboard as the green standby LED on the PCB is illuminated. I have tested the power switch and it is fine.

After much head scratching, I find that if I "Power up" and leave the computer in its standby state for a few minutes, it powers up and runs fine, it will even shut down and start up as required, so long as the PSU is not turned off.

I am now totally confused and hoping that someone has come across this fault or can offer some advice.

Regards and Merry Christmas


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Nigel, the motherboard may be need a BIOS update, however please check which is the current BIOS version.

The latest one is v0170, but if you have a very older one it will be better to install at least 2 versions before installing the latest one.

The following link will show you how to update the BIOS



This is a guess on my part, but fits the symptoms that you have provided...

It sounds like you have a base component that is starting to fail but that hasn't failed completely yet. In this state, it will not operate properly when it is below some specific temperature threshold. When you let the system sit powered on for a while before attempting to boot it up, the component is being heated up enough to then operate successfully.

The symptoms make me guess that the component is in the power supply. Here's my thoughts for why: The LED is an indication that the power supply is able to provide the board with at least standby current levels - but this is a small trickle compared to what is necessary when the board is booting up. Generating this trickle is what causes the component to heat up enough to eventually work properly. While it is still cold, however, when the power button is pressed and the board is looking for more current, this is not being provided because the component cannot deliver while cold.

A problem in this case is that the "power supply" consists of two separate entities, the external power source (your DC-DC converter) and the voltage regulation circuitry on the board itself. To ascertain which, simply try using an alternate external power supply - perhaps the AC brick that you used with the board when you first received it.

As I said, this is a guess on my part; I may be totally out to lunch. It does give you something to try that, if nothing else, could eliminate one component (your DC-DC converter) from being the culprit...



Thanks all for the help so far,

Scott, your thinking the same as me, all the "experts" I have asked so far, blamed the Power Supply, so, to try and convince them that it wasn't, I have had the same results with the following tests, DC-DC regulators, AC-DC switch mode PSU's, a 12 Volt x 500 Ah battery bank, a nine volt fire alarm battery! a 19 Volt Laptop mains adapter etc., etc.

Then convinced the it was temperature / humidity related (I was getting cross at this stage!), brought the whole lot home, tried to power up - no start, waited for about 10 minutes - Started. Powered it down, disconnected and stuck it in the freezer for about one hour and, it started first time! The answer is still out there somewhere.

I intend to have a go at updating the BIOS as this hasn't been updated so far. It will have to wait till after Christmas!

It is still under warranty, but the supplier had it for a month and said that he couldn't get it to fail (I am convinced that he had it connected to his power source at all times, so he says their's nothing wrong with it!

It's a challenge, or I would simply buy another board.

Have a good one.



Hi Helpers,

Here is an update of progress.

Sylvia, I had never updated the BIOS, so this was overdue. Everything went fine, but unfortunately no change, worse than that, the update wiped my access to the navigation software. I have applied for a new HID code, so that "should" be fine.

Scott, I think we are getting closer. Over the last few days I have been able to test things, to try and tie the fault down, and I am now coming to the conclusion that this is temperature related.

This is why.

At home (nice and warm) there is not a problem after about the first half an hour, and the board starts and stops as required.

Take it to the boat, out of the nice warm house / car and it works first time. Go back next day and, no go! I was (like everyone else blaming a PSU issue. I discovered that if I waited about half an hour that it would start. But as it is cold on the boat I would turn on the heating.

Next day, I don't turn on the heating, I tried for about two hours (every five minutes) and no luck.(apart from getting cold!)

Today, I step on board, and try to start it, nothing, then put a fan heater on to blow warm air over it and within a few minutes the board's up and running.

What do you think, have we pinned it!