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Stuck On Boot screen,After installing New Gpu DG33BU(Help)



First of all,sorry for my bad english.

Two days ago I got a new graphics card,(''Gigabyte radeon 7770 OC rev 2.0'')and i cant get it to work.Have read alot of forums traing to find the solution.Tried a lot of suggestions,but no luck...

The problem is that,pc freezes on boot screen,after i connect this video card.

I bought it compleatly new from the store.

Everything is connected properly,i have triple checked everything.

Video card is in pcie slot,power cable connected,video cable connected.Btw my PSU is 750w.

Have updated my bios,same thing happens,updated all chipset drivers,same thing..

When i put my old nvidia 8800gts,pc boots nicely and everything works fine.

But when i try to put radeon 7770,pc just freezes on intel boot screen.

It freezes and i cant access bios and nothing cant be pressed.

When i press,for about five times any key on keyboard.After fifth time pc beeps every time i press something,if i press and hold it beeps,untill i let go.

It stops on intel image where it says press f2 for bios setting.And there is code in right lower corner 5A.

I found what it means,(5A Resetting PATA/SATA bus and all devices).

I Have tied to disconnect HDDs no change...

Uninstaled all Nvidia drivers.

Another thing,i have tried is to change sata settings in bios.There is like IDE or ACHI.

When i change to ACHI,and power my pc,it cant go till boot screen and freezes on black text:

system memory check 8 procents compleate,press esc to cancel.(same freeze as on boot screen)

But when i power it up the same way again with ACHI,press and hold f2.It accesses the bios,but when i navigate throu menu pages.There's like prints from other bios menu pages bacground color and text.And all bios menu backround is not fully blue,its like bits of blue and black bits from sistem memory check screen.

Pc specs:

CPU: Intel 2 duo q6600 quad

Psu:750w (note,worked nice with nvidia 8800gts,it consumes more power)

2 HDDs (dont remember exactly) Win xp and Win 7 installed.

Old Mother: Desktop Boards DG33BU

Latest bios i could get: bios: DPP3510J.86.0572.2009.0715.2346

I really need your help!

Thank you!

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Hi stuckonbootscreen,

I am sorry to hear you are having problems with your system but let me help you.

There are many things we need to test on your system. As per troubleshooting steps, please try this:

  1. Test a different power supply (higher if possible).
  2. Clear the CMOS by removing all components from the board (power supply, battery, hdds) for about 20-30 minutes and then reconnect them again.
  3. Try installing a firmware update for the video card.

In case the issue persists, my best recommendation is to contact the card manufacture since this could be related to a compatibility issue.



Thank you for traing to help me!

I have tried before,to take out the battery,for 5min,from mother board.Didnt help.(just reset the time)

Have tried to disconnect HDDs,i even disconnected all HDDs,same thing...

I think PSU should be enough,its 750W and was working fine with my old nvidia 8800gts.(it consumes more power than 7770).

One thing that i noticed is,when i disconnect all my HDDs and put old 8800gts back,PC stuck the same way as 7770,with connected HDDs...

How can i install firmware,if i cant turn on pc,with 7770?

Btw i uninstalled all nvidia drivers and from device manager to.

2 days ago,i contacted manufacturer of radeon 7770,its gigabyte.

Atlast i got reply from them,gues what?

Yes,they didnt even read my ticket and just copy pasted they standart answer script...

Replyed to that,hope this time someone will actually read my ticket...

Can disconnecting psu from mother board really help?

But basically,this card should work with my mother board...?I read on forums people are recommending this card and nvidia 650ti,for this board.(maybe they dont understand,what they are talking about)

One more thing..on the box of this card,it says,compatible with Win 8,Win 7.......But on the gigabyte site there is written,that its compatible with all OS.



I completely understand and I am sorry for the issues you are facing with your system.

It is important to say that even though the video card is compatible with other Operating Systems, the motherboard is at this point a mature product from our side and is an end of interactive support unit.

Disconnecting the Power supply from the board for about 20-30 minutes will clear all power from the unit and in that way we can discard any possible short or static energy.

Have you tried the video card in a different motherboard? Can you also try on Safe mode?


Thanks for your support kevin_intel.

Yesterday i gave this card to my local technician.He told me,the card works fine...

He told me that ,cards are not backwards compatible.But as we know,they are...

Ok,now we know the card is fine.But it dont wont to work with my board.

One more thing i really want to know,is what PCI slot is my mother board..?

I couldnt find that information.I searched here for manuals,no luck,couldnt find anything about PCI.

I hope,i will get a refund for this radeon card.

And i was thinking about getting nvidia gtx 650ti.But again those cards are PCI 3.0.But Maybe they are more compatible.

I just contacted,Zotac GTX 650ti manufacturers support.Here is what they told me,about compatibility:

GTX 650 ti is backwards compatible with the motherboard that has ver. 2.0 and 1.1 PCIE slots. Make sure your motherboard supports that.

I hope someone here can tell me,what exactly PCI slot my board is?

Please,help needed!

This will help me,a lot.And once and for all,i will know is it worth traing 650ti.

Thank you!


As you say, nowadays pretty much all the video cards are backwards compatible with PCI technology meaning the card you have is PCIe 3.0 should be backwards compatible with PCIe 1.1.

In regards to your question, the board you have supports PCIe 1.1. You can check this information at the Technical Product Specification on page 10.

Based on this information, I would say there is a compatibility issue between the motherboard and the video card. The other one you mention the 650TI should also be compatible with the board but my recommendations is to try it on the system before buying it if possible.


Hi again!

Here is some update.

Asus 650ti cant be 100% sure that it will be compatible as they havent tested it with,my mother board.(no wonder there,hah)

They recommend to update all drivers to latest,for better compatibility and stability.

And they recommended to contact intel,maybe intel have tested,compatibility.

I have update my board bios to latest i could get its from 2009.

And all chipset driver are updated,but i think chipset driver are not so important,important is to get pas the boot screent and get to windows.

I have contacted your online support.

And i was told,that my board is to old to get support from,phone,email,or online chat.Any way,the support agent was too kind,and tried to help me. ( intel is the best!)

He checked motherboard info and told me,that i have PCI gen 2,x slot. Then i told that in manual it says 1.1.(thanks to you kevin,yes on page 10 it says pci 1.1)

So,than he gave me the link: ARK | Intel&# 174; Desktop Board DG33BU

And.. yes based on the link,its clearly gen 2.x

Only after the conversation was over,i noticed,when you go to that link and click on board chipset.Everything changes and expansion options shows,PCI Express Revision 1.1......

And under Graphics Specifications:

there is,Graphics Output:QXGA, TV Out, SDVO, HDMI, DVI (my board have only standart,blue VGA out.).

Another thing agent checked,is power and it looks like im good to go with 650ti.

So now ,im waiting on your input kevin.

What will you say about pci slot.( btw pc wizard software,showed PCI v1)... i dont understand,why it should be so misterios...

Anyway,a BIG thank you,to all of you at intel,for traing to help your old customers!!!


Based on the information I have checked the video card should be compatible with the unit and you should not encounter problems during the usage of the device.