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Suche Donwloadmöglichkeit für BEH6110H.86A.0041 BIOS

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Ich suche für mein Mainboard die Downloadmöglichkeit des aktuellen BIOS BEH6110H.86A.0041 
Ich habe nur die Meldung gefunden, alle BIOS Downloads wurden entfernt.
Mein Board:  DH61CR

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Ok thanks and I will keep you updated
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Just as an FYI,

As I said in another conversation, I have a GeForce GT 1030 running in my DZ68ZV system, so other 10 Series cards have a good chance of working (I still can't use the 'should' word here).

The one case of someone trying a GTX 1650 card was a no-go.

I have a GTX 2060 card that I could try, but I hate to rip my Quartz Canyon NUC system apart to get at it.


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That's just a standard BIOS file; it is installing it via the Recovery process that is important. If everyone made the jump to 99 using the recovery process (as I recommend), there would be a lot less bricked 6 Series boards having to be trashed.


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The DZ68ZV board is the best of the 6 Series Intel Desktop Boards. Since it was a refresh board, a lot of the issues with the previous boards (DZ68BC, DZ68DB) were fixed.

If you are going to get a 6 Series board, this is the one that I would recommend.


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Hello Scott

The errors i kept getting ( like that pesky atapi event id 11 or whatever it was ) disappeared when i installed windows 10 . So the atapi error must have been caused by something on the 'software' end of the spectrum .

But the pc kept freezing from time to time just like before , sometimes it just freezes without restarting or shutting down . And since this happens without any atapi errors , atapi could not have been causing this .

After some time i realized the dh61ww board has an electrical problem of some kind , it kept zapping me whenever i touched the case . I started the pc without the case or any conductor connected to it and it kept zapping whenever i touched the board with me finger . My tester died so i had to use one of my ten anatomical testers you see .

Not a very wise thing to do i understand , but i thought this isn't a power supply issue because it was doing the exact same thing with three other power supply units that worked ok on other boards  , so it must be a motherboard issue .

The outlet i have been using all this time is not grounded , so i came up with an ad-hoc grounding solution by tying the motherboard to a grounded radiator pipe . And there it was , a lovely blue discharge , arcing across the motherboard and the clamp .

No more zapping .

My question is :

A hypothetical Un-grounded rig , that works flawlessly and without any electrical issues , should never have such problems , and this sort of thing (the zapping) would only happen - if it is to happen at all - only occasionally  . Is that right ?

Meaning : even though the zapping i experience is surely there because of a lack of grounding , the thing causing the zap is primarily not the lack of grounding itself but some underlying issue within the motherboard , an issue that would otherwise be 'masked' if the system were grounded .  Am i correct ?

And so if it is , as in my case , almost constantly there ( the zapping ) , then this issue must be an indication of something wrong with the board itself , like a short circuit or something .

This could have surely been causing the intermittent freezing i experienced , in addition to the error reports i got that kept saying 'Kernel inpage error ' or ' memory corruption ' . Could this zapping be a symptom/cause of your previous diagnosis : bad PCH component / DMA issues ?

The ram tests did not reveal anything wrong with any of the 3 ram sticks i tested .


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Ungrounded outlets just shouldn't be allowed. Consider yourself lucky that this is DC and not AC; you might have lost one of those anatomical testers right quick!

I agree that there must be something wrong that is responsible for the short. Providing a ground is not really the answer, however (though, the lack of one is your evidence). Something has failed somewhere and who knows what is (or will be) affected. I would suggest that you get out your magnifying glass and see if you can find a fried part. If you find one, I can hopefully get the information you need to replace it.

Freezing like this is an indication of a part that's failing once it's been heated sufficiently. 


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I did use a 60 x magnifier before i had discovered there was a short  , and i noticed many rather brownish patches (rusty would a good word) on the board here and there , localized but often en-globing whole series of solder points , very noticeable on the board's back side , which is the only side i closely examined . These are more like discolorations , but i also noticed a kind of brown substance at one place , stuck on certain 'lines' - what are they called , traces ? - on the motherboard around a solder point , and i looked on the other side thinking i would surely find a capacitor there but there wasn't one . 

It's as if there was a localized mini-explosion of that stuff , the substance is very rigid and i haven't tried cleaning it off as it would probably damage that spot .

I had to move to me grands' place and had even prepared a small multimeter to play around with the board and try to learn about how these things are tested but forgot to bring the board with me , so i can't check anything now but that is a great idea , i will check the board again and try to describe everything i notice a little more precisely .

Trying to understand what the problem is in order to (maybe) fix it would be fun , but at this point i am thinking of buying a new board . I found a company selling LGA 1155 boards , here's a list of what they have :

- one is an intel motherboard , the DZ68DB 

Three are gigabyte boards :

- Z77MX-D3H TH 

- GA-Z77X-UD4H (rev. 1.0)

- Z77X-D3H (rev 1.1)

And lastly , the one i may end up buying : A Biostar board 

- IH61M-Q5

The Biostar board costs 77 usd . But on the manufacturer's page for this board , it says : 

  • (x1) PCI-E 3.0 x16 Slot(supported by Core i5 -3xxx / Core i7 3xxx CPU).

Now does that mean what i think it means ? That i wouldn't be able to use the PCI-E slot unless i use  3rd Gen I5 / I7 CPU-s ? It cannot possibly mean anything else ..

I suppose the others will cost much more than that since they have alot more features ( the prices aren't listed on their web-page i had to send an e-mail ) .

Point is , paying 100 + bucks for discontinued 1155 boards like these is a bit stupid , i mean paying a little more to get a decent upgrade-able entry level 10th gen CPU + Mobo  is the least stupid choice of the two , let's put it that way .

Impressive how very power-efficient the more recent CPU-s are , you had mentioned that once but i had never given much thought to that sort of thing .



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hello good, I tried to make the usb bootable DOS but it does not start, I did it with rufus. Maybe I did it wrong, could you tell me how I do it?

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