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It looks like the community is inhibited from answering questions issued by me.

I hope I'm mistaken, but it doesn't look right. PQURE Technology seems to be red flagged at Intel for some obscure reason.

For these reasons I was forced to file a complaint to EU Commission Competition DG for violation of the competition law that the United State Of America has committed to. It was registered 16/12/2020. Registration: 2020/154978.

The main issue for the complaint is that PQURE Technology is not able to establish the company on equal terms as the competition.

The things we need has been clearly specified in previous subjects. All my personal contacts at Intel doesn't reply my messages. The IPS decline message is automated and can not be replied. That's why I use the community, but it doesn't seem to answer as well.

I hope I'm proven wrong as I'm a genuine Intel fan, despite often being treated unfairly. I apologise for being honest and outspoken. I'm born that way. It may sound a bit harsh and hostile at times, but I just want to be able to do my work and not waste energy on fighting for my rights.

Best regards,

Berth-Olof Bergman

PQURE Technology

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