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Supported GPU and POWER Supply Of board DG965RY




Manufacturer Product SerialNumber Version
Intel Corporation DG965RY BTRY706005CW AAD41691-206


looking for Supported GPU and POWER Supply Of board DG965RY,

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The board requires a standard ATX-12V power supply. The necessary wattage can be determined using a Power Supply Calculator. There are all sorts of these on the Internet; I suggest that you use one developed by a power supply vendor. For example, Seasonic offers one here:

By the way, you can find all of the documents relevant to this motherboard here:

As for an add-in graphics card, you should do an Internet search with a string like "2006 video cards" or "2007 video cards". Actually purchasing any of these cards may be problematic (we are talking 14 years ago). As I look at NewEgg's offerings, the GT 710 seems to be the oldest they carry (but they have lots of different offerings of this for less that US$50), but I don't know if these cards will actually work with a board this old. You may have to resort to purchasing used via eBay or similar...

Hope this helps,