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System not getting On , Some time Getting on


Hi all,

I'm using Intel Product's and i too prefer Intel products to my customers too,

I Bought a Intel 61HO Motherboard , Its working With i3 Processor and using a Single Slot 8 GB RAM

When While i'm trying to Press ON Button it's not getting On , Some time it's getting ON, for that i need to remove the power cable and i need to wait for a while, Im facing this issue from last 2 Months back, but i don't Have any other alternative system so what i'm using it by just Adjustment, Thought may be BIOS issue, And i updated BIOS Before 4 Days, But still the Issue is there , its not getting ON.

I Have removed Motherboard and Processor and ram every think , even the CMOS Battery was removed and kept separately for 30 Minutes, After that i checked , Motherboard , Processor, ram with power supply still face the same issue


Any one Facing this issue ? The same issue faced for one of my Customers in Intel 77KC Motherboard

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Hi Babin

Based on your description, it sounds as a grounding issue. My best recommendation is doing the following:

  1. Turn off your system and disconnect all components from the unit.
  2. Take the board outside of the case in a non-conduct surface.
  3. Remove the batter again and the bios jumper for about 20-30 minutes.
  4. Reconnect all components and turn the system on having the board outside of the case.

By doing this, you can discard grounding issues. Let me know the results.