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TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module)


Hello , I read the link bellow. My question is : I have AES technologie in my BIOS. It's appear with weird certificate, I want TPM 2 for installing Windows 11, or crypt my Hard Disk (with Bitlocker).

I don't andersand the raison why my mother card not propose intel PTT  clearly. options are large on the BIOS .... Thx if you have the same problem and you have resolve it !



Windows 11 — How to Change TPM 1.2 to TPM 2.0 BIOS Fix Solution | by Gareth Baxendale | TheDigitalBr...

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So the Intel support engineers can have more information about your system, Please download and run the Intel System Support Utility ( ) for Windows. Select all data categories and then have it generate a report. Next, have the tool Save the report to a text file (don't try to use the Submit capability; it doesn't work). Finally, using the Drag and drop here or browse files to attach dialog below the edit box for the body of your response post, upload and attach this file to the response post.

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[Windows 11 is the new Vista]

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If you have a motherboard that has support for the addition of a hardware TPM, there is the possibility that the BIOS on this board does not support the enablement or usage of Intel PTT in the absence of this hardware TPM. You would hope that this isn't the case, but I have seen two cases already where the BIOS did not have this support. All I can say in this case is pick a better motherboard vendor; there is likely nothing that can be done about it (well, other than getting a new BIOS from the motherboard vendor; good luck with that).

If your board is equipped with a soldered-down TPM 1.2, then you are simply out of luck for sure. The BIOS is likely not going to have support for overriding this TPM with Intel PTT (I have never seen a motherboard/BIOS that had this ability).




ok thx for your answer. my computer does not compatible with TPM , there 's no chip on it ; i'll be using my Surface Pro instead.  my old mini Pc , continu his, jobs with windows 10 pRO.