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Toshiba motherboard drivers install

I have a Toshiba Satellite L305 with what I believe is an intel motherboard the Toshiba part number is 1310A2184519 since Toshiba went under more or less (makes me smile the filth) I was removing some viruses from this when it was given to me and one of them froze the screen when I rebooted there was nothing on the screen, even using an external monitor nothing shows I think the virus deleted the drivers?
I ended up taking the hard drive out putting it in an external and after trying on another laptop to remove the virus that not even Windows defender could quarantine I wiped the drive.
I have been looking for another motherboard but not find anything and was wondering is there a way to reinstall the drivers on a laptop with a blank screen or does anyone know a site that I can cross reference the part number and find a alternative motherboard?


Thank you 

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