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Turbo Boost Keeps Appearing on Boot


I bought a new PC and it came installed with Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 program.

Whenever Windows 10 boots to the desktop, a popup appears from this program showing, well.. whatever it shows, something about cores.

I want this to not happen.

I tried Uninstalling the app using Windows normal process, but the app does not uninstall. Do I need it? Can I get rid of it? If so how, or how to suppress the horrible popup that I cannot seem to stop.

Bit of a nightmare.

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As someone experiencing problems with this app also on a new pc I can tell you that windows 10 auto installs this back if you uninstall and in order to make it not do that you have to edit in group policy editor but make sure you know what your doing and or follow a guide. Just run a search. Also you can disable it by right clicking the icon in system tray or in the settings for the app. This should make it not fire up during startup. It appears to be common for this thing to start up, I mean it is common and normal but it usually just fires up for a split second then go away but strangely it seems most of the time it starts up and stays up and you have to manually close it. I know it sucks and thats where I am at myself. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall and update to the latest version and nothing seems to help. I want it running and want to use it but I refuse to mess with group policy because I have messed up my brand new Alienware 51 by messing with that and privileges and was forced to do a clean install.

My problem is the same thing but it also fires up like I said it supposed to and it fires up again. So it fires up twice lol. This only started after adding another graphics card in SLI. I dont know what to do and have done everything. I give up with this program honestly. I cant uninstall it because I wont mess with group policy and tried to upgrade it. The intel sites have a higher version then what dell offers or my pc will automatically upgrade to. I dont know if that has anything to do with it and doubt it. Alien or dell pc has auto update drivers app. Mines called Alienware Update app. and Support assist. If you figure anything out let me know. Mine also has a very long delay when it fires up the second time. Takes like atleast 2-3 minutes but a lot of my apps do like printer apps or icons and Seagate backup system. I just did a clean install couple weeks ago. I run some expensive anti virus tools and a registry or pc cleaner called jv16 powertools. I spare no expense when it comes to my pc but nothing matters. I also might not know anything and just be fooled but I try...