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Unable to connect Apple Thunderbolt Display on new Thunderbolt Drivers on HP Spectre X360

Hello everybody, 

I have a issue with the new HP spectre x360 and new Thunderbolt Drivers, I'm not able to change the security level of the Thunderbolt device and as I have seen, by default only Windows-certified devices are able to be connected to the computer. 


I have an Apple Cinema DIsplay with a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter. This one work very well with my company computer ,an Elitebook HSN-104C.

When comming the time to change my MacBook pro and as the Elitebook works very with my Apple Display I have chosen to get a new HP for my daily driver. 


I have seen on the forum that this issue could be solved with a Thunderbolt firmware utility to change de default behavior to accept all Thunderbolt device but I'm not able to find it for my new computer. 


The Spectre has a Thunderbolt Controller 8A17 with the Intel Controller

The Elitbook has a Thunderbolt Controller 15D9 with the Intel software ver


Already tested :

I have tried to update the bios -> Nop.

I have tried to use the Intel Software ver -> Dosent's seen thunderbolt controller

Check into the Bios Settings to change Thunderbolt security level -> Not present.


For reference a post that solve the issue on others Spectre devices and Thunderbolt Display :


For reference post with default behavior of Thunderbolt Firmware on HP Devices:


many thanks in advance for your help ! 

Have a nice day

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