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Unknow PCI Device - Peripherique Inconnu - D975XBX2

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I install my new motherboard D975XBX2 (secondhand) with all drivers.

Fresh install of windows but one device is unknown ?

unknown / PCI Device

Operating system Windows Xp pro SP3 with this component:




+interna audio card disable (remplace by creative)

+nvidia drivers

Accuracy, on the first boot after install, a "serial port" was detect (AMT - SOL with the software "unknown device" ) and i had desactivate in AMT console "Option Management/AMT in bios"

No driver AMT for D975XBX2 in download center intel

Anyone have an idea ?



j'ai installé ma nouvelle carte mère D975XBX2 (occasion) avec tous les drivers.

Nouvelle installation de windows mais 1 peripherique reste inconnu ?

inconnu / PCI Device

Système d'exploitation Windows Xp pro SP3 avec les éléments suivants:




+carte audio interne desactivé (remplacé par une creative)

+pilotes nvidia

Précision, suite au premier redemarrage un "Port serie" à été détecté (AMT - SOL avec le logiciel "unknown device" ) puis je l'ai désactivé dans le bios AMT "Option Management/AMT in bios"

Aucun driver AMT n'existe pour la D975XBX2

Si quelqu'un a une idée ?

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Make sure to have the latest bios version 2838.

As you can see from the bios release notes that there was a fix for a yellow bang as well.

1. Reboot system.

2. During POST, press F2 to Enter the BIOS Setup Utility.

3. Go to Power >> Disable Intel ® Quick Resume Technology.

4. Press F10 to save and exit from BIOS.

5. Check the Device Manager if the yellow bang is still there.



If it does not fix the problem, remove the sound card just to check whether the yellow bang is from the sound card or not.

If it is due to the external sound card, you will need to look for the correct driver for the card.

If it is not due to the external sound card, try to update the OS and see if it makes any difference and installs all the Intel Driver from the website for the board D975XBX2.

Then install the TPM driver as well, then restart the system and disable tpm in the bios. Try to update the windows as well.

Let us know how it goes. In your next post, add a screenshot showing the yellow bang device id, it may help us possibly.

Note: this is not an amt board - so there is no need to install amt sol driver.

All the best,



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Thank for this quick answer !!!

* I have AMT in the bios :-) i had desactivate SOL in the AMT menu, after reboot the "serial port" disappear in windows. For testing purpose I had active TCP/IP and smallbuisness mode in AMT menu and connect web page of AMT !!!

wikipedia information:

Intel AMT 1.0 – Intel platforms based on the Intel 82573E (Tekoa; usually 945, ICH7) Gigabit Ethernet Controller, e.g., the Intel D975XBX2 motherboard. This version provides basic NVRAM, hardware asset, event log and other basic features. It does not provide Intel System Defense network filters.

* Remember i didn't have "Intel ® Quick Resume Technology" but i will check tonight.

* I will test all other recommendation of you and give news quickly. Thanks and sorry for my poorly english...

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*I don't have "Intel ® Quick Resume Technology" in bios....

*Sound card don't fix the problem....

*TPM don't fix the problem...

*All drivers installed from intel web site... no older version ?


You are sure this mother board is not AMT -SOL ???

with SOL activated in AMT menu

without SOL activated in AMT menu


Update :

AMT in official documentation !

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i had test in maintenance mode (jumper 1-2 > 2-3) and i reset AMT...

not working....

another idea ?

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Community Manager

The problem is Solved !!!

The new package PROXP_v14_2.exe not contain AMT driver, version LAN_allOS_14.2_PV_Intel_194152.exe probably it but no link for download ??? why ???

The old 13.5 ""...contain AMT in folder PLATFORM/IntelAMT

The 13.5 version proper installation solved my problem !

Thanks for your help.

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I had the same problem. I have the Intel D975XBX2 and Running XP Pro - PCI Device not recognized. I went to the Device Manager and viewed Properties for the PCI Device. Under the Details Tab I found the Hardware ID and googled it. Many results came back about the Marvell RAID Utility. I don't plan to use RAID so I never installed it. So I downloaded the Marvell RAID Driver and rebooted my machine... VOILA Problem solved. Hopefully this helps someone!