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Unsupported OS versions for DZ68DB and others

Intel only includes certain supported OS versions in its Product Guides. For example, for the DZ68DB, Windows 7 Professional is not included. However, I am running it on a DZ68DB with no problems. Other boards have similar situations. I can understand why Intel would omit Windows 7 for an older Executive Series board, but why would Intel omit Windows 7 Professional from current Media Series boards, especially when a user can buy a Windows Anytime Upgrade and simply enter a new product key? Officially, Media Series boards only support Windows 7 HomePremium (and below) and Executive Series boards only support XP and Vista, but is this only a marketing distinction? Or is someone here aware of Windows 7 Professional features that Media Series boards do not support?

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Hello baroque-quest,

I understand that you will like to know the supported operating systems for your Intel(R) Desktop Board DZ68DB.

To find the list of supported operating systems, you can check the following web site:

Intel(R) will not limit the support depending on the version of the operating system that you are using, you can use Windows* 7 Ultimate, Home, Professional, etc, that the drivers will remain the same and they will have support for them.

It seems like it is not detailed enough on some parts and may be interpreted differently.



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