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Virtu Universal or MVP problem on DH77KC+ i5 3570k

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"To whom it may concern"

I have bought new system including major accessories;

Board: Intel DH77KC

Processor: Intel i5 3570k 3rd gen

RAM: Kingston Memory 8gb 1600bus..



PSU: 600w cooler master extreame

The problem is that i get 13 to 18fps in gaming. When i click to install "lucidlogix virtu universal" or "lucidlogix virtu MVP" then the software going to install trial version for the period of 7 or 30 days due to unregistered or not licensed system.

I installed both software one by one but there is no effect in gaming. The game run on 13-18fps yet.

what should i do for higher FPS?? where i get full and licensed version of "lucidlogix virtu universal" or "lucidlogix virtu MVP" for higher fps rate??

Note: I already installed Intel 4000 graphics driver and nvidia latest deriver. all latest drivers has been installed. Both video (intel 4000 & Nvidia) is enabled from bios.

Waiting for your reply

Thanks & Regards,

Prince Siddiqui

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