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Virtualization is for the HP 6000 Compaq pro-mini-tower computer and SAMSUNG NP 470


I need to know where the virtualization is for the HP 6000 Compaq pro-mini-tower computer and SAMSUNG NP 470. The processor on HP 6000 Compaq pro-mini-tower is an Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo Processor E8400.

I sought information from the computer manufacturer and from intel. The device manufacturer asked me to seek help from the HP help community. I am registered with HP, but I cannot access the help community due to technical problems there. I also need virtualization for the Samsung NP 470 laptop computer. The processor on it is the Intel Core i5 4th generation 2.60GHz 42881. The Samsung NP 470 laptop computer processor is discontinued for technical support Intel. The developer of Bios for the portable computer is America Megatrends. The computer bios SAMSUNG NP 470, was developed in 2012. This is the most updated bios for the computer. I sent this request there too, but so far no one has responded to what I sent on Facebook for America Megatrends. I don't know if I will receive an answer from America Megatrends.


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Intel Virtualization capabilities are enabled/disabled from within the BIOS Configuration. The BIOS is a product of the system manufacturer and can differ significantly, so we cannot provide you with an exact answer. The parameters related to Virtualization are typically located in the Security section of the BIOS Configuration. If that is not enough information to get you to these parameters, then you will need to contact the hardware vendor (HP or Samsung) for more-accurate information.



Hello Scott.
Thanks for the answer.
I did this procedure that you reported on the Compaq 6000 pro mini tower computer. Virtualization was enabled because I watched videos on YOUTUBE on this subject.
I also turned on virtualization on the Samsung NP 470 laptop miraculously, because no one knew how I could enable virtualization on the Samsung NP470 laptop. There was no direct information on YOUTUBE for enabling virtualization on the Samsung NP 470 laptop. Previously the manufacturer indicated to be technical assistance for the activation of virtualization. I sought technical assistance. The technical assistance informed me that to activate the virtualization, there would be a charge, but I only needed information to activate the virtualization.
I think it is more correct the Intel® knows about the BIOS that the manufacturers develop. Processors are placed on the boards of these manufacturers.
Thanks for your information.

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Sorry, that isn't the case. While Intel indeed provides certain portions of the BIOS (Video OpROM, microcode updates, ME firmware, etc.) - and, in fact, provided the original implementation for UEFI - it has absolutely no control over the BIOS Setup capability or initialization code that the motherboard vendor provides.

Have you perused the documentation for this laptop to see if the virtualization parameters in the BIOS are discussed?



I understand your explication. I don't know if have information on this subject for my computer's motherboard. I bought the computer from third parties. The motherboard manual did not come. The manufacturer also does not provide the manual on his website. I'm talking about the HP 6000 Compaq pro mini tower computer. The HP 6000 Compaq pro mini tower computer is a desktop computer. About the Samsung NP 470 laptop, the manufacturer presents the manual, but the manual does not have information on enabling virtualization. Thank you.

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You know, HP has a user forum.  If you ask there, you have a better chance at finding your answer.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


I cannot access the HP forum. The screen goes back to when I try to access the HP community. A technical analyst at Samsung said that Intel could help with this setup as well. Because she said that Intel can also help, I looked for Intel. I located this virtualization without waiting for someone to help me with the two computers. The activation now is in the computers. My need to activate this virtualization was urgent. Thank you.

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Use another machine to get to the HP forums.

Ask for documentation your machine, and help with THEIR bios settings.

Samsung was incorrect.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)