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Visual BIOS 2.0

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Coming up in Visual BIOS 2.0 will be the ability to take screenshots from within the BIOS. The days of struggling to take a photo of your monitor at a high enough resolution to capture the problem without screen glare are over. If you have a USB drive mounted, or if you already have a hard drive installed, you will be able to choose where to save the screenshot after you have taken it.

The new version of Intel's BIOS overlay will also have its own network stack, allowing you to download drivers for hardware without having an OS installed. Additionally, Visual BIOS 2.0 will have a one-button update, allowing a simple upgrade path any time there are new updates for your system.

Seems it will not be released for Z77

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Forget the "eye candy" and just give me a bug free bios.

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100% agree. Why bother to implement a screen shot feature to capture a problem. Just prevent the problem at all is much more useful.

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I guess its the last VISUAL BIOS we'll ever see on Intel desktop boards, coz Intel is shutting down desktop board division and 8 series is the last product line from them.

On that note ^ why limit the VISUAL BIOS 2.0 to the upcoming 8 Series, I say they should release it to 7 & 6 Series ahead of schedule so people can get a go at it and know if its stable and if any bugs are present to be fixed before 8 series come's out, the last Intel desktop board series should go out in style without bugs as the ones experienced in 6 & 7 series desktop boards.