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W7 Device Manager does not recognize Intel AMT devices

All, I recently upgraded to W7 Pro x64 using a fresh install method and I backed up my XP 32bit to the best of my ability.

My computer is about 5 or 6 years old, it has an Intel BOXDP35DP motherboard, Intel Processor BX80562Q6600 (core2duo quad core) with 4GB`s of ram, the video card is a GEFORCE 8800GT p/n # VCG88512GXPB. I'm trying to install a Twinhan VP1020A (which allows for FTA digital TV Decoding). I've downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the card, I also tried to update the bios from Intel and it's still not recognized.

Prior to the W7 upgrade all was working perfectly without a hitch, how can I fix this or am I out of luck?


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Rob, it looks like the Twinhan VP1020A is not compatible with Windows 7 64bit, or there could be a problem with the driver installed.

I would recommend you to get in contact with device manufacturer and ask if the product is certified to work with Windows 7.

In the mean time you can check if the device is being recognized on the BIOS and also try to use another PCI device on the board.

Unfortunately, this motherboard is out of support since December 2010

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