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WARNING: Chassis Intrusion error


Good afternoon, for some time now, I opened my case for cleaning, and when I close it, it shows the WARNING: Chassis Intrusion error, after that, it asks for a password (my password was never assigned to the setup as supervisor or user), it is an intel board model DB75EN. (just ask for the password and I can't even enter the setup)

I already jumped the plate and removed the battery for 1 week and the error persists.

Thanks for the help....

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I am sorry to say that this is a known bug in some of the 7 Series boards and there is no resolution for it. This bug was first reported after the Desktop Boards group had been shut down and the resources necessary to investigate a fix for this issue were long gone. That this is a Catch-22 that essentially bricks the board is unfortunate, but there is nothing that can be done about it.

Did you purchase this board used? It seems like the same bad board is getting sold over and over and we hear about the problem again and again...