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What are the drivers for my motherboard?


I have a gsuo h61v10c wich is a generic version from Intel and it doesn't have any info of the product online.


I need to know what drivers of audio and network this motherboard uses, please help me


it has the same chipset of the DH61HO

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So, first of all, this is *NOT* a "generic" motherboard from Intel. Whomever told you this doesn't know what they are talking about.


If you need a BIOS update for this motherboard (I saw you ask that in a post elsewhere), then you need to contact the manufacturer for this motherboard (and it's not Intel). You definitely CANNOT use the DH61HO BIOS that was mentioned by that individual.


As for drivers, you can definitely use the standard Intel driver packages for the H61 chipset, but we cannot tell you what driver to use for the audio solution as we do not know what audio CODEC was used on this board. Same goes for the networking solution; unless this board used one of the Intel PHYs (doubtful if this is supposed to be a cheap board), we cannot tell you what driver package you need. What I can say is that the most commonly used cheap solution is one from Realtek; you could try their drivers. Finally, if you are installing Windows 10, most every driver that you will need is built into the Windows installation image and you will likely not have to search for any drivers yourself elsewhere.


Hope this helps,