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Where to download drivers for motherboard DX79SI


Hello, I had a hard drive failure and I made the mistake of not having a raid so I am rebuilding from scratch. Where can I get drivers for my DX79SI? I am on windows 7 and the digital audio output is not working, I tried the windows update several times but it didn't work for the drivers.


Also, separate but relevant question... I now have 2 ssd's hooked up and I installed Windows 7 x86 by accident the first time, so I went back and installed Windows 7 64 bit correctly... but because of my mistake, the x86 version is on hard drive 1 and the 64 bit is on ssd 2. It doesn't matter that its on ssd 2, but I want to mirror the drives now and it won't let me, how do I correctly / safely format ssd 1 (with x86)?  Thank you!

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For your first question, having raid is NOT having a backup.  You should have had a backup, especially if you intend to run old, obsolete, discontinued hardware and software.  Now, specifically, what driver(s) do you think you need?  Have you tried installing W7 yet to see what is left that needs a driver?

For your second question, contact Microsoft on how to do this on a discontinued OS.  They will not help you.  When you install the OS, and select custom install, you have the option to delete partitions on a disk.  That is what you should have done.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)


I need the Audio controller drivers, the digital audio output is not working. Device manager also says I need updated drivers for my Ethernet controller, SM Bus, and USB 3, among a couple others. When I got a new hard drive 4 years ago all of this was easily available, it never occurred to me that companies would *delete* these drivers from their website, I'm pretty shocked and saddened.


I know raid 1 is not a backup, but it does protect against a hard drive failure and I already have all my files backed-up.  I have Windows 10 on my work computer but its atrocious, the forced restarts are terrible, I know how to turn it off and we pay for the professional version but its just the worst experience. Even dealing with this nightmare of getting my old machine up and running with old software is somehow an order of magnitude less stressful than the thought of using the new Windows.


Maybe this is the point I bite the bullet and switch to linux. I have been studying python constantly for a year now and finally making progress, but if windows 7 really is put out to pasture maybe I have no choice.

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Windows 10 is six years old, and I do not know that any of your complaints about it are valid.

Your motherboard is 10 years old, and likely in the range of component failure, so it does not have long to live (in my opinion).

Intel took down the drivers for  discontinued board in mid-2019.

You could install W10 pro, and create a W7 vm.

W10 will contain all the drivers you need for your board, so your argument about W10 does not work with me.  I have a 8 series board, with W10 pro, and with a XP and W7 vm, and they work perfectly.  I do not know where you are getting this "force restart" argument from.

If you think you can do better linux, well, go for it.

In the meantime, I will send you a PM on how to get the W7 drivers.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)