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Who knows how to the DP67BG Version AAG10491-302 return motherboard slots to working capacity?



I collected a configuration: the DP67BG Version AAG10491-302 motherboard, the Intel Core


i5-2500 processor @ 3.30GHz, HDD 640 Gb WD6402AAEX-00Y9A0 SATA 7200rpm 64 mb,


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460, Realtek HDA, Hiper ATX 650 W of of century 11.03.11,


DVD+ / - RW SATA ASUS DRW-24B3LT, LCD 23,6" ASUS VH242H, Microsoft Retail


set Wireless mouse+keypad Optical


Desktop 800; Scytle Katana 3 - processor cooler ; Win Pro 7 64-bit Russian CIS


and Georgia 1pk DSP OEI DVD. Problem essence - in slots 2 and 4, that is


farther from the processor, are inserted two levels on 2GB DDR3 SDRAM PC3-10600


Kingston D3N9/2G Value RAM 9905471-001.A00LF 1.5V, Clk: 666.7MHz, Timings


9-9-9-24. The system is started even in the presence of only one level or in


the slot 2, or in the slot 4. At level installation in the slot 1 or (-and) 3


established operational истема it refuses to be started, on the screen doesn't


appear anything, three peeps, on a motherboard miniboard post-number 27 are


audible: it on the management an error of testing of memory. I will emphasize


especially: the system worked and was started more than 1,5 years on all four


slots with at the same time inserted 2Гх4=8Г memories. Failure happened after


emergency restart of system exactly a month ago during interactive network


game. All current month to today I can't return slots to working capacity. It


turns out, I "killed" them programmatically! ? But it is a nonsense,


such doesn't happen. What occurred, where the reason of sudden not operability


of two slots? If to come on a site of the Kingston developer of the specified


memory and to try to register specifically these levels, it won't be possible


to make it. Why? Yes because the producer of chips of Elpida of these levels


CHINA isn't present even in registrar options, there is only Korea and Taiwan.


Conclusion simple. The


online store sold me counterfeit memory. Also I had the nerve to mark them with


guarantee stickers. There is more. This memory on a site Intel for the


specified motherboard is included into the list COMPATIBLE to a payment. Therefore


I also bought it. By multichannel phone the employee of online store advised to


hand over the motherboard with the slots killed by counterfeit memory in Intel,


"to me there it without problems have to exchange". About memory


simply I sympathized and I told that the shop can't check levels of memory


bought by them on piracy, it is impossible. Drivers in system and BIOS the


latest. Memory levels all serviceable, checked testings.

Who knows how to return motherboard slots to working capacity?



Alexey /pirlex/ Russia.
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Hello Pirlex,

We recommend contacting your local support to check on the warranty options available for your board since there is no troubleshooting we can recommend at this point. We also recommend using memory within specifications (DDR3-1066/1333MHz rated at 1.5V low density) to avoid damage to the board and other system components.