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Why are x299 Boards using VROC HD Key module technology unsupported by Intel?


Why are VROC HD key modules so difficult to find driver & App. download files for in the Intel Downloads?

Why doesn't Intel know if the Key needs the BIOS driver or not?

Why doesn't Intel know why Windows 10 may or may not see our RAID 10 configuration?

Product Support Search using my HD Key Product ID & Serial number got me Zero Results. Name got me Zero results.

Intel: If you can, provide a link for a VROC HD Key Premium RSTe or VROC driver & app file to support the HD Key use in Windows 10 Pro 64bit OS?


Here is what I found and learned trying to locate the correct driver & app support for my VROC Hardware Key VROCISSDMOD Premium.


Intel Support provides a standard FQA PDF file response Post on using RST in place of HD Key module for RAIDS.

Without responding with any HD Key use information.


You may eventually get the Intel RAID Guide link.

The Intel RAID Guide is great, if you use your HD Key for a Server RAID setup.


An Intel Online Product Support Search: Intel Virtual RAID on CPU - Premium/ Ordering Code VROCPREMMOD.

Couldn't find my way to the download driver & app for it though.

Perhaps an Intel person seeing this Post could provide that link? Curious to know if it has a Win10 64bit RSTe or VROC driver & App.


Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC) and Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise (Intel® RSTe) Driver for Windows* Download link


This is a WIN8 64bit Intel driver & app file I received that is suppose to work with Windows 10 64bit. Still wondering why no VROC driver & App for Win10 64bit available.


The issue I found with Intel Products like the HD Key in other manufactures products (ASUS x299 boards) is that Intel support for Non-Intel boards doesn't really exist.


Most everything I could find for VROC HD Key Modules were for Intel based products (server boards). Other than the Intel acknowledgment the Intel HD VROC key works with x299 boards, that is about all you will find. I found no VROC HD Key drivers or Apps. for non-Intel x299 boards specified for Windows 10 64bit in the download compatibility lists.

This was why I got the Win8 64bit RSTe/ VROC download link I guess.


And guessing about the Win10 VROC HD Key modules driver/ app. for x299 boards is what most will end up doing when they try to use their Intel VROC RAID key technology their x299 boards come featured with.

(Given the recent inexpensive Hyper M.2 Cards and others the like.)


Buy the latest and greatest cutting edge technologies is not for the faint of heart when it come time to build with it. I found most (ASUS & Intel extremely lacking in their abilities to support us.





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Wrong forum. This forum is for Intel desktop boards.


Try posting in the





I guess I misunderstood the Forum Board format here. I apologize.

My point was to how Intel VROC technology and boards are supported online so well.

And Intel basically ignores supporting their x299 board partners (ASUS) who employ Intel Products and Technologies on them.

Perhaps you have not tried getting ASUS Intel based x299 product support from Intel for their VROC Key product that supports the VROC RAID technology for it..

Try searching for the (RSTe) VROC driver & app for the VROC HD key module and you will see how virtually nothing can be found.


What I can find, has not information within the download file description or release notes specific to x299 boards.

Everything listed are only Intel Products.

My HD Key Product Number doesn't show up as a supported product in my online Intel Product support searches and the download RSTe VROC driver & app file I got from Intel, doesn't list my VROC Key Product Number. Just other Intel Key Modules with different product numbers.


In short, I have spent weeks looking for the correct drivers & app files for the Intel HD Key I bought that my ASUS ROG Rampage VI Encore Motherboard requires to make use of VROC technology.


P. S. I posted here because my other posts provide no help.

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You keep posting about the x299 chipset. Let me help you.


Intel has not made desktop boards since 2013.

Any x299 board will only support 7th gen and later processors, none of which support Windows 8. Only Windows 10 is supported on 7th gen and later processors.

Criticism of others whose native language is not English will not be tolerated.

Complaints about Microsoft (perhaps well deserved) on this forum serves no purpose.


Now, post your question in a clear, concise manner in the appropriate forum.






Yes I understand now about this thread was for Intel Product Boards, ONLY

I had not realized it wasn't about all Intel based Product Boards, including those utilizing Intel Product Technologies.

The post here about my x299 board was because I was seeking out help.

Intel Online Product Support is extremely limited to their own Products, even though they provide other Intel Products and Technologies (NVMe & VROC) for other x299 board manufactures.

My x299 Motherboard VROC HD Key technology is Intel Based.

And Thank You for attempting to help.


I apologize for obviously upsetting you by being new to the Community Forum and ways to do posts..

And for not properly navigating the Intel Forum community topics and threads.

As for being more clear and concise, I'm doing the best I can for someone with the latest technologies issues.


I already apologized for my frustration with support agents and my improper criticisms.


AI.Hill, I humbly apologize for criticizing those whos native language is other than English in technical support. And you rightly so have corrected me.

I guess my frustration over the weeks building a new PC and dealing the many Support agents (people) has taken a toll on me.

Not that it excusing my criticizing others. And yes, It isn't productive. I shall amend my Post accordingly.

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carry on with your discussion in the appropriate forum. And, your other posts were not ignored and had responses.