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Widi not working after reimaging -- MyWifi software also different

Hello forum,

I recently had my Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop (Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit) (Intel Centrino Wireless N-1030) reimaged b/c the hd failed. Prior to the failure, I had no issues using WiDi and the NetGear PVT1000 adapter. So in the process of getting the laptop's drivers and software reinstalled, i now realize i didnt install the wifi drivers, hd graphics driver, WiDi software in the correct, after removing and starting over several times, I am still not able to get WiDi working. Several things stick out:

  1. When launching WiDi, I sometimes get "the application has an issue, please close and restart the app or consult Intel Widi Help" OR I get an error "No adapter connected"...even though the wifi is able to scan and find the netgear adapter.
  2. When WiDi is not thowing one those 2 errors, I can see Win 7 trying to identify the private network that being created. For the times when it seems create a connection, the bytes received counter remains at 0
  3. When trying to connect, both the tv and laptop indicate an connection is in progress, but nothing ever happens.

Also, needed to mention, I completely removed my security software and have disabled Windows firewall. Also, I do have a NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M display adapter, which is also disabled.

I am hoping this is not a lost cause....

Thank for the assistance,


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Community Manager

Hi whalon,

We need to inform that you have reached the technical department for Intel motherboards and in order to obtain further assistance for WIDI, our recommendation is contacting the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) directly in this case Dell* which is responsible for providing the drivers and troubleshooting.