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Will DX58SO properly support KHX21C11T3K4/32X ?

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Hello @ all,

I've got a DX58SO (bios 5599 release) and I want to Buy 24GB of Kingston RAM ( KHX21C11T3K4/32X - I know that has 1 too much stick).

I have at present time, 3x8GB Corsair Vengeance sticks with i7-960 D0 stepping but I can't let my PC go to Suspend-To-RAM State, because I have the Boot Roulette Syndrom. (the symptoms described within this thread: 89019 DX58SO boot roulette )

My question is: As it is not documented anywhere in Intel Support site, Can Someone certify me that this kit (KHX21C11T3K4/32X) will not cause me The Boot Roulette Syndrom with this motherboard?

Thank you a lot,

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The motherboard supports a maximum of 16 GB total, so this specific memory model may not suit your needs. You may verify the technical requirements or try with the tested memory models available in the following document (p. 15-17):

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Thank you Joe_Intel for your Reply,

As Stated in the Datasheet you provided (7/1/2010), The DX58SO should support 16GB Maximum, But the i7 -960 has a Integrated Memory Controller that support 24GB Max (8GB sticks with 3 Channels). ( i7 -960 spec on ARK intel)

My experience is that the "Amount" of 24GB is perfectly supported by the DX58SO.

I have for the moment, by the way, the cause of my troubles, Corsair - Vengeance - Memory - 8GB DDR3 Memory Kit (CMZ8GX3M1A1600C10B).

I'm Looking for some compatibility tests or Experiences with the Kingston Predator Beast series.

Thank you a lot for the time spent on my question.

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Dear All,

I bought the KHX21C11T3K4/32X Kit, The XMP Profiles are present in bios, but after applying the Profile # 2 (1600Mhz), the Boot roulette syndrome is still present.


By default, the bios runs the memory @1033Mhz, i'll try to apply the XMP Profiles manually.


I guess that the DX58SO doesn't support DDR3 sticks made for 4 Channels Architecture....

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