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Win 2K3 forgot my RAID


Hi All !

I hope my subject gets the point across without too much confusion. Some information about the setup:

Intel Desktop board D945GTP_PLM

Win Server 2K3 Data centre stable at SP1 (can't go higher for application compatibility)

4 Gig RAM, Pentium Dual @ 3.2 GHz

SATA RAID 10 as data store, it is not used for boot.

.... Now this is 'Old Faithful' that provides me certain services that are necessary enough to me that I haven't upgraded it (I do have other more modern set ups) so I won't discuss that.

This Old fella normally chugs along just fine and has been doing so for years. I haven't added anything new so there are no new variables.

I noticed an exclamation mark in Device Manager and investigated but also lost the video, got a BSOD and some POST RAM not happy beeps. Here in Aus it was very high temperatures. So I pulled her apart cleaned out all the dust and spider webs, re-seated all the cards and RAM and she came back to life. That's not unusual, happens about once a year. However this time when I went to look at disk management it said the RAID was uninitialised!
But BIOS and Matrix Storage manager disagree! So before I let Windows wipe all my data out just to get a drive letter happening I though I'd ask for some expert advice <please>
A screen shot or two is worth a thousand words:
Intel 2k3 RAID 10 ok.JPG
I invoked 'Verify Volume Data' and it concluded without errors.

Windows says 'not initialised'.

RAID 10 not initalised in 2k3.JPG

Disk 3 is the RAID 10 array.

RAID disk driver is Microsoft:

RAID 10 driver is MS.JPG

RAID controller driver is Intel:

RAID controller driver is Intel.JPG

View from Diskpart:

RAID 10 from diskpart.JPG

I added the boot disk in that screen capture simply for comparison.

I have done a 'repair' from the server 2K3 install CD but it still can't see the RAID volume.

My version of Matrix Storage Manager is on this PC. I don't have 'Recover Volume' available from the right click 'RAID Volume menu'.

I am very reluctant to use any 3rd party recovery software on it (such as EaseUS Partition master)  without some expert advice first.

Can diskpart recreate the volume without destroying the data?

Thanks in advance !

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