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Win7 x64 stability issues

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I've been having major stability issues for a while now. Currently I have:

Mainboard - Intel DZ77GA-70K

CPU - Intel i5 2500

Ram - 4 GB Kinston

HDD - Intel SSD 330 60GB (connected to 6GB Sata0) (AHCI)

Before this I used to use a MSi Z68-GD65(G3) mainboard

I have installed and reinstalled Windows at least a dozen times but the same issues always remain, even after replacing the mainboard. I suspect the problem to be with the SSD as most of these issues started after adding it and changing to 64 bit Win7. Also after replacing the mainboard with the Intel DZ77GA-70K it's been much worse. With the MSi mainboard I could not use IDE mode for my SATA ports as Windows would crash all the time.

- Sometimes USB ports will take long (10 sec - 60 sec) to detect a USB devices connected to the system. Mostly it will play the sound when it detects it, but then takes very long before showing up in Windows. This does not happen with the first USB device connected but only by the second or third time.

- Sometimes programs simply won't start. No errors at all. Double click the icon, the mouse courser turns a few times and nothing. I then have to restart the system

- When having to restart the system it takes ages to to shut down, mostly I have turn it off manually after a few minutes.

Does anyone have any input?

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Asssuming that its the SSD:

  • Update your BIOS:
  1. Make sure that you load the default profile in the BIOS before updating
  2. Update the BIOS using the Flash method or which ever method you feel comfortable with. Preferable not within windows environment cause you are having problems & we want the BIOS to be flashed properly. Hence, using a thumb drive is the best solution.
  • Update the SSD's firmware using Intel's Tool Box
  • Erase everything that is on the SSD using secure erase
  • Disconnect other HDDs "if any"
  • Start a fresh install of Win 7 64bit

Other Considerations:

  • Make sure you have set your SATA port to AHCI before installing Win 7
  • Your RAMS are in the proper DIMMS
  • Do not connect any extra hardware that came bundled with your board such as the CIR\Bluetooth. As a matter of fact you can disable that thing in the BIOS after the BIOS update.
  • Use the old BIOS interface not the visual BIOS "if possible"

I understand your frustration but we'll solve it together. It's a very nice board & you should have everything working like bliss.