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Windows 10 BSOD win32kbase.sys help



This is my first time posting on here and I am in need of some help / guidance in the right direction.

My company and I have been testing a new motherboard ASRock IMB-1212 with our Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC Operating System Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.1852).  We keep having issues where it's rebooting due to Bug Check Errors. 

The errors we are getting are the following:



The most common error we seem to be getting is win32kfull.sys

We have tried numerous scenarios to see if we can resolve the issue.  Giving it a clean image with the drivers from the manufacturer.  Using the image that we created with our software installed and a clean image with Windows 10 Professional on it.  No matter what we do with our Windows 10 Enterprise software we keep seeing BugCheck reboots anywhere from 15 minutes in to around 60 hours in.  We are using Passmark Burn In Test version 9 to test these computers out.

We contacted the manufacturer and they mentioned updating the drivers, trying a new clean image and a different version of Burn In (We currently used version 7 but upgraded to 9 by their suggestion).  We have done all of that and still no luck.  We ran memtest86 to ensure it wasn't the memory that was defective, we tried updating the drivers, we tried SFC /scannow option but now we are at a loss. 

Our current build is as follows:

Motherboard: ASRock IMB-1212

Processor: Intel i7-8700T

Memory: DDR4 2666Mhz 32GB (2 16GB Sticks)

Hard Drive: 1TB Western Digital Drive

Any help would be greatly appreciated to try and resolve this, we have been working with it for going on 3 weeks now.

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Intel validates and supports their Graphics driver releases on the current Windows 10 release (i.e. 20H2) and three releases back. This means that build 1809 is not validated with the latest driver releases and thus not guaranteed to work. What I suggest you do is revert to a much older version of the Intel Graphics driver package. Of course, doing so could open you to bugs that have been fixed in the subsequent releases, but that's the price you pay for sticking with only the LTSC versions.




Hi Scott,

Thanks a lot for the response.  Do you have any literature on this?  I need to read more into this before I can bring it to my boss but that would make sense.  Now I looked on Intels website under the i7-8700T and it did mention it was compatible with the Operating System we are using.  Any additional help would be great.  Thank you so much.

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Hhmmm, I was repeating what has been stated previously. When I look at the release notes for the latest release (here:, however, it indicates conditional support back through release 1909, 1809 or 1709, depending upon the processor used -- and, with the 8th gen processor that you mention, it shows support back through release 1709. So, I was wrong in my (blanket) claim. Sorry. I won't be repeating that one again.

We will need to look deeper into your configuration to see if we can see a cause. So I (and the ICS agents) can start this analysis, please download and run the Intel System Support Utility for Windows on one of these machines. Select all data categories, generate the report and then have the tool Save the report to a file (don't try to use the tool's Submit capability; it doesn't work). Finally, using the Drag and drop here or browse files to attach dialog below the edit box for the body of your reply, upload and attach this report file to the response post.