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Z370 & Z390 Windows 8.1 Compatibility


Hi. Sorry in advance if I missed category for product.

Just want to know couple things.

I want to have mother board with Z370 or Z390 Intel Chipset.

But the reason why I doubt is that I getting dissapoitment of which one of these Chipsets is more compatible for Windows 8.1.

I want to have Asus Prime but there is no Any info about Win8.1 support for those motherboards. I called Asus Support and I've told to call Intel to research if it's possible at all.

I didnt find anything on to get cofirmed with Win 8.1 Support. Or atleast should I try to use win7/win10 drivers for win8.1 from z370 or just win10 drivers for win8.1 from z390 chipset. Thank you in advance.

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You most definitely missed on the category. This forum is for Intel's Desktop Board products. Since these products have long been discontinued, the Intel Customer Support (ICS) engineers are not monitoring this forum and thus only peer to peer support is available. If you want to get input from ICS engineers, you need to re-post your question in another forum (Chipsets, for example).


Ok, that message out of the way, I can provide an answer regarding this question...


The processors supported by Z370/Z390 chipset-based motherboards are *only* supported on/for Windows 10. No driver development for Windows 8.1, Windows 8.0 or Windows 7 has or will be taking place. In a few places, because of overlapped development, it is possible that you may find a feature-specific driver that "accidentally" supports one or more of these older Windows versions. Understand that these drivers will not have been validated on any Z370/Z390 chipset-based motherboards and thus will not be warranted to work (or to continue to work) on these boards.


Bottom line, you better get used to and be happy with Windows 10, because that's all you are going to be able to use moving forward.