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aa g10189 204 (DH67BL) No POST


I have an intel board I’m troubleshooting, I’ve already try resetting the bios even replace the cmos battery, I have also remove all electronic components have try removing each ram stick using one at a time on different slots, I have check on the integrated graphics to see if the video card was the problem, changed the jumper settings for the bios, I did test the power supply to see if the was the reason it came back okay. I’m currently trying overboard on a cardboard. Here is the thing it doesn’t beep on any of these occasion however if I remove all the ram it does come with a beeping sound that beeps 3 time simultaneously, now is possible for a bad board to still beep if still bad? there’s a delay on the CPU fan to start of 5 seconds or more. I think this board might be fried; I’m trying to buy a new PSU just for the heck of it. I’m running out of options here, if you know of any method please let me know I would highly appreciate it! Thanks.

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You have a DH67BL motherboard:


Are you using onboard, or add-on graphics?

What processor are you using?

Was this board working previously?