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build questions



Im upgrading my pc and I have questions.

PC usage: Win 7 home pro 64bit, Visual Studio 2010, 3DS max 2012 (lerning), from time to time I play games, watch b-ray movies...

Im considering the purchase of:

Intel MB: DX79SR

CPU: Intel Core I7 3820

(now im using sli mode of 2x evga gtx280 - not likely to change them now, 2x seagate 750GB, sb x-fi fatal1ty, thermaltake 1000W psu)

Q1: Which MEMORY should I buy / use ? (kingstone hyper-x...?) and how much (8/16/32 gb?)

Q2: Should I consider of buying SSD to speed up HDDs ? (If yes - which one will be good form intel, and what size?)

Q3: I will not use any of overclock feautures, Im interested in: stability, reliability, long-life, performance. Should I buy another main board or cpu ?

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Hello Jack78pl,

Bear in mind that we are not entitled to provide a straight recommendation for a model or hardware combination. We are limited to provide general specifications of our products for the customers to decide the best option for their needs.

The following links will provide you the tested memory we used in our motherboards. This motherboard and processor support up to 64 GB of memory.


I would like to advise you that even though the motherboard supports memory speed up to 2400MHz, the processor uses Memory speed up to 1600MHz. Memory needs to be compatible with the processor, so I recommend you to get a 1600 MHz memory type.

Regarding the SSD, using the Intel® Smart Response Technology you will be able to improve the performance of your system. For more information you can access these links:


I hope this information will be helpful for you.