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cant access BIOS (DB85FL)


I recently bought a new desktop ( i5-4670 + Intel DB85FL ). The assembler installed an pirated win 7 and demonstrated that all systems are working properly. I bought a win 8.1 pro from Microsoft and made a fresh install.

Everything was nice and pretty except 4 "secure boot not configured" watermark on the desktop. So I went into the UEFI bios and checked the secure boot option (there were 2 other related options [cant recall what they were] which I didn't check).

That did not remove the "secure boot not configured" watermark but now instead of press F2 F10 etc screen I get a beep error which according to my motherboard manual is no video detected error. then it goes into windows which is working properly.

if i go to

PC settings > update & recovery > recovery > adv startup> troubleshoot> adv opt>uefi firmware

after the beeps the computer becomes un-responsive

restarting doesn't help it still becomes un-responsive after the beeps

after a being powered of for a long time (< 15-30 minutes) it boots into windows after the beeps.

i tried updating the bios from windows ; didn't work went unresponsive after restart

so i update the bios by removing the security jumper ; it was successful.

now i no longer get the beep errors and go directly to windows.

but i cant go into bios and PC settings >...>uefi firmware option

makes the computer becomes un-responsive like before.

the man who assemble the pc has no clue how to help

what am I to do now ?

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I have the same issue with my intel db85fl...I have logged my complain on its customer care email.....and I have got 24 hours waiting tkt......I dont get any display after enabling "secure boot" option from my BIOS after 3 beeps in sleeps and only power light of my cabinet is on....After my research I have found this help and would try it..... Download BIOS Update [FLB8510H.86A]

I will get back to you once I'll do this on my own ( though I know the risks involved) Also please read this..

Thanks and regards,



Hello, soumya:

The BIOS updates 0121 and 0123 mention the issue you are encountering with.

Now, depending on the BIOS version that you have in your system, would indicate the path you can follow.

-If a newer version is present, perform a BIOS recovery to the version you currently have and test the behavior of your system.

-If the version you have is 0121 or 0123 perform a BIOS recovery to that version.

-If an older version is present, perform the BIOS update procedure noted below.

*. Look for the next BIOS version available (not the latest, the next from the current version in your system), and update to that version.

*. Continue with the next version once the update is done, this until you get either 0121/0123 or the latest version.

Also, the article provided by kaushal1982 is really important to read and take it into consideration.

I look forward to your outcome with this.


Esteban C