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d410pt compatible video cards?

I have a d410pt mini-itx mobo with onboard VGA graphics. I need to add a video card with a DVI port.

I tried a GeForce 8400gs, but it didn't work. The maker said I needed a psu that output at least 15amp on the 12v rail, which I tried and it STILL didn't work. According to the d410pt tech docs, the PCI slot allows a max of 2a.

Can anyone suggest a PCI video card that works with the d410pt? Preferably with a DVI port?

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I confirm the PCI slot on the Intel(R) Desktop Board D410PT is PCI revision 2.3-compliant and available for 32-bit/33MHz add-in cards using 5.0V signaling. However, please, know Engineering has indicated that specifically PCI video cards are not POR (Plan of Record), which means it is not intended to work as part of the design (they are not validated and/or supported). So, these type of PCI cards may or may not work. A couple of hints are the following, though:

1. Make sure "Expansion Card Text" option is enabled. This is found in BIOS, under the "Security" tab.

2. If the problem continues, update the BIOS to the latest version:

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