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d54250wykh random OS errors after/during install

I have been having weird issues with my d54250wykh NUC with 16gb ram and mSata 480gb SSD hdd. As soon as I try to install windows or Ubuntu, during install I get multiple errors mentioning "can't delete file" or or "cant find file" type errors.  To make it clear:


  1. tried another SSD hdd - same error
  2. ran multiple HDD diagnosis programs all return no errors
  3. ran multiple RAM diagnosis all returns no errors


When I managed to finally install ubuntu 20.10 on it, I would immediately few min later get crashes and errors until unusable again. 


I did notice, when I ran UBUNTU on live USB, everything worked flawlessly for hours.. Seems to be issues with the motherboard. I have updated bios to latest version as well.. anyone else have experienced these issues? Any solutions or do I need to replace the M/B?  CPU doesnt get warmer than 57 degrees Celcius, i have cleaned the fan as well which had minimal amount of dust.




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