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dh55tc power light show but no poweer on


dh55tc power light show but no poweer on

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Some questions for you to answer:

  • You don't see any response to pressing the power button? No fans starting to spin, no other LEDs lighting up?
  • Have you verified that both the ATX and ATX12V cables from the power supply are properly connected to the board? Have you tested with a different power supply?
  • Have you verified that the processor is properly inserted into the processor socket and that there are no bent pins in the socket? Have you tested with a different processor?
  • Have you tested with the board outside of the chassis (i.e. board sitting bare on the table with only power supply, keyboard and monitor connected to it)?
  • Are you using an add-in graphics card? Have you tested with it removed? Have you verified that, when it is installed, you have provided it with sufficient power?
  • Was this board working previously? If so, what changed? Did you add or change hardware? What have you tried to do as a result?

Let us know...