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dh67bl bios update error


a few days ago I updated to 0160 and get a checksum error. While I had a look in my BIOS-configuration I noticed that my SSD at Port 0 ist only running in 3G-Mode, the new one in Port 1 is running in 6G-Mode. Also an error I couldn't explain.

While searching and reading I found a kind of solution for my BIOS-problem -> downgrading step by step. When I reached BIOS 0156 the checksum error wasn't no longer present.

Will there be a never BIOS than 0160? It seems to me the motherboard is out of service???

And what's about the SATA-bug?

Thanks for your help!

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Hello OSam1, I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with your board. Even though this product is out of interactive support I will try to help solving this issue.


I would like to let you know that this issue was reported previously and we are still waiting for a new BIOS version in order to fix it.

I would recommend you to roll back to BIOS version 0156. This version is going to eliminate the error you are getting. Download Center

If the issue persisted after the installation of the BIOS v0156, please check if the date and time are correct on BIOS. You may also want to try replacing the CMOS battery.