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dh77kc memory speed in xmp


i bought a new intel dh77kc motherboard with i3-3220 brand new processor. i installed 2 X 4GB corsair CMX4GX3M1A1600C11. my bios is detecting 1333Mhz speed onlyso i enabled xmp profile. saved and exit. it sounds beep stating memory error. then i edited xmp profile with a single modification in memory multiplier as 12 in place of 10. it booted fine. should i increase memory volt higher than 1.5 or not . will these setting will harm processor or mobo. detailsed specification on corsair website is

: XMS3 — 4GB DDR3 Memory Module (CMX4GX3M1A1600C11)


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I have a different MoBo and different RAM. But I found that I wasn't able to use the XMP configurations reported by the RAM in the memory performance setting area of the BIOS. Essentially, I had to play around with it until it ran. Then I took a picture of that screen to memorialize the settings so I could put them back when something happened to them.

I was told by my RAM vendor, and from reading the Intel documents, that 1.65V was the max you should set. But if your system is running at 1.5V it's better to leave it there. Check with cpu-z to see if your RAM is really running at the clock rate you think it is. (CPU-Z shows the real clock that you have to double to get the effective bus speed.)

As you note, the default of 1333 seems reliable. Getting more was a challenge. I got mine up to the 1867 rate but I was unable to get the 2134 speed to be stable.

I'd suggest running some kind of memory test utility to walk across your RAM and test it all to see if you get any faults resulting from the 1.5V or other configuration settings. If you do, I'd slowly walk the V up and stick with the lowest setting that seems to work.

Regards, Arch