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dp67bg intel motherboard sleep cycle issue

Ever since I first got this mother board, sending the device to sleep will result in constant on/off minicycles (about a second or so each) on wake up. The only way to turn the device on again is by complete power disconnect and reconnect.

I have disabled sleep all these years. However, I am planing to sell my computer and I don't want to sell it like this. I saw other people complaining about this issue on this board. Was there ever any solution?

I already tried disabling overclocking and resetting setting to default
I am beyond piss by this problem.
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The latest available BIOS for this board is version 2209 (BG2209P.BIO). If you have this version installed, then you have the latest available and, if the problem is still occurring, then it was never resolved (and, unfortunately, it never will be; the business was shuttered in 2013 and the engineers are long gone). If you don't have this BIOS version installed, then you need to upgrade to it. Let us know what version you have and we can work out what version(s) you will need to complete the upgrade.