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dz68bc - failed post - code 58



I have dz68bc motherboard that was working fine in my computer for over one year. Once I rebooted and the computer got stuck in POST.


  • It happens every time.
  • The port 80h display shows code 58. (That is "Resetting USB bus".)
  • Board status LEDs are all off except of "Memory init" LED. It blinks green. (That means memory initialization started but didn't finished yet.)
  • There is nothing on monitor ("no signal"), no matter which output of integrated GPU I use or if I use external GPU.
  • It doesn't beep in any pattern.
  • Sometimes it randomly reboots and gets stuck again.
  • USB devices don't have power (e.g. mouse doesn't light, phone doesn't charge).

What I tried:

  • Disconnecting all USB devices, including internal WIFI/Bluetooth module.
  • Disconnecting and removing everything else. The only things that remain connected to motherboard are: CPU, RAM, power source, fan.
  • I tried different RAM modules and putting them to every slot, different combinations, nothing changes.
  • Removing all RAM modules - it beeps and resets itself repeatedly as expected.
  • I tried CPU from another computer (currently I have an i3 cpu, I tried i7 one). But then it gets stuck on code 15. I found out that it probably is because of old BIOS version. I have no way to upgrade it unfortunately.
  • Different power source.
  • Pressing the "Back to bios button".
  • Upgrading BIOS using flash drive with BIO file and removing the bios configuration jumper - it doesn't help and most probably it didn't even tried to flash. LED on flash drive didn't blink so it probably wasn't even accessed. I think it's stuck too early in starting process to get to this.
  • Disconnecting power and removing battery for long time to reset BIOS settings.
  • Waiting long time to see if it gets unstuck.

The only components I couldn't replace or remove are motherboard and CPU. So I assume one of them is broken.

I even tried to connect UART reader to the serial transmit pin of the board's debug connector, but I didn't get any data out of it.

Any ideas what could I try to do to fix it or find out what is wrong?

Any tips whether it is CPU or motherboard issue?

Is there some very low-level way to flash the BIOS to newer version? (So that I can try the other CPU.)

Thank you.

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Seems to me that you have done all the steps that are possible. As this board has a 3 year warrany I would call Intel support to RMA the board.



Michalsrb, the troubleshooting performed was exceptional; however, did you try to remove the CMOS battery? If you did not, please remove it and leave the system without it for about an hour. Then put it back on and restart the system. datetime datetime

If this step does not fix the issue and if the motherboard is still under warranty please get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit: