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dz68zv only boots with certain power supplies

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i am pretty knowledgeable with computer hw/sw but this has me stumped;

i have a new dz68zv mb and some spare parts that i want to setup as my updated music collection rig (ripping/converting/file modifying via audacity) ;

2500k cpu.

xfx 260gtx gpu.

2-4GB ripjaw dimms in the blue dual channel slots.

creative extreme gamer s.c.

small ocz vertex2 60GB ssd for o.s. / wd 640GB black for 380GB of music files.

that i initially thought was dead (hard cleared cmos/single dimm/ etc. etc.) but when i tried a different power supply it booted right up.

i flashed the latest bios and the board functions properly w/ w7 (i hate how intel tied o.c.'ing to speedstep but that is an issue that cannot be fixed).

turns out that this board will only work with certain power supplies, i only had 4 known working modern ps's at my disposal all are atx12v 2.2 w/8-pin /24 pin board connections and work in other modern intel chipset mb's.

2- corsair hx650w that allow the board to function normally.

1- power pc&cooling 750W silencer - onboard power button led lights up- on/off 1 sec. board acts like it is dead.

1- corsair tx520w- onboard power button led lights up- on/off 1 sec. board acts like it is dead.

only thing i can guess is bios based power saving/sleep/standby/wake issues that can only be fixed with a bios update.

a hard cleared cmos which forces settings to default should allow any quality modern power supply to function.

what am i missing?

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Hello Dale,

This link will give you the power supply requirements

How many DZ68ZV motherboards do you have with the same issue?

If you want to replace you board please get in contact with our customer support department.


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thank you for the reply,

i have only the one board, all 4 power supplies are a newer spec than the minimum atx12v 2.0 as you linked for the board.

it has been working fine with the corsair tx650w so i am not going to get it replaced.

it is just so bizarre an issue, one i have never ran into before.



just remember that if for any chance you need to replace your motherboard and it is still under warranty, you just need to get in contact with our customer support department.