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dz77ga-70k\dz77gal-70k Bios not so extreme.


Why is it in reviews bios version 3000.r09 was used?

Why has the new bios releases been limited in functionality?

I purchased this board not to long ago thinking that Intel had this board primed and ready to go from the reviews. There were nice options that would allow for EXTREME overclocking. In my opinion Intel has dropped the ball with bios functions. With out being able to turn off certain options in the bios it limits you to what the processor may do. Can you disable c states in the new bios?

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Hi KnownDragon, I was not able to find the BIOS version 3000.r09 you mentioned. Would you please provide me where did you see that information?

What kind of setting are you missing on BIOS with the latest versions?

I would like to tell you that you are free to over clocked your system, we are just making a recommendation since it is required to use the correct memory type and speed when using our processors otherwise the warranty won't cover the product.

Even though Intel makes unlocked and Extreme Series processors that are robust enough to handle customizations, Intel doesn't recommend it since it could decrease the lifetime of the chip and it could generate processor damage.


Sylvia_Intel thank you for your response. The bios I am referring to is this.

GAZ7710H.86A.3000.R09.1203090931 It is referenced here in a review

At approximately 9:20 into the review you see the option to turn off C-states. Several functions that are missing from bios that would be helpful are as follows. Cpu Enhanced Halt (C1E), and C3/C6 State Support. For some reason this board will only run the multi x 99.77 frequency. I am assuming that would have something to do with spread spectrum or something similar.

Yes I know I am free to overclock my system. I can't even utilize the cpu at it's stock state on this board. With a multi of 35 x 99.77mhz = 3491.95 and a turbo multi of 39 x 99.77mhz = 3871.53. I understand warranties and using the correct memory types and speeds. There is a legal tab in bios saying that overclocking can damage your hardware.

In my opinion the board will not and does not have the functionality to be called EXTREME. Will there be any bios updates that give more functionality of the board making it Extreme as advertised. Or should I look for another MotherBoard?

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Same strange issue here that's incredible that is impossible to have multi x 100! Please intel, help us