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e-SATA Plug for INTERNAL Hard Drive


Ref DX38BT Board: Is it possible to hook a properly working SATA INTERNAL Hard Drive (Sitting outside the cabinet) into the rear e-SATA plug, and can a conversion wire be found? The e-SATA plug works fine with other external drives, and power to the drive is separate.

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Hello BoardBoy57:



The rear e-SATA port was design to work with an external SATA hard drive, so, an internal SATA hard drive will not work on that port, as you can confirm on the following link, on page 21:



The e-SATA ports use a Marvell controller and it might have different functionality that the ports that belong to Intel, which are the 6 black ones on the board.



Marvell has its own support, in case drivers are needed or further information you can always get in contact with them:



Additionally, just t let you know, since this board is not that new, actually is retired and discontinued, there might be compatibility issues with some external hard drives that you will use, and in those cases a BIOS update to the latest version is recommended:



Instructions to do a BIOS update using F7 method:



And this is the .BIO file needed to do the update:



Once you do the BIOS update, if they still do not work, then that will a compatibility issue, and they just will not work with this board.



Now in regard to the conversion wire, yes, you can try that, there are also some adapters, but the scenario will be the same, there might be compatibility issues, and the best way to find out if it will work will be by testing them.



Any questions, please let me know.