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how to tell power from ground on front panel pins on DH61CR motherboard


Have refurbished Nexlink computer 3425 series with DH61CR motherboard need to replace front panel how do I tell the power pin from the ground pin no + or - on motherboard or. plugs from front panel no marking on plugs of any kind. Have tried motherboard manual online shows which color power plug, reset sw plug, H.D.D. LED plug goes to, but not which of the two pins for each plug is power or ground . Each of the plugs have two wires , each plug first wire on each plug is a different color, the second wire on each plug is white . Could white be a ground wire . Any help would be appreciated.

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The lower-numbered pin is the + pin. The (two-pin) connector from the front panel will have a little arrow on it marking which is the + pin. Connect as follows:

1-3 - HDD LED

2-4 - Power LED

5-7 - Reset Switch

6-8 - Power Switch