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i search for a bios update for my Intel U953 RVP 7 mobo.


Hi, i'm new.

i have a super new laptop. fast and furious may i say. BUT........

its from china. no problem with that.

The problem starts when i search for Bios/device drivers updates.

i won't get any support from the seller/supplier. or they don't understand.

My bios is a very simple one. its a Aptio, AMI bios.

ami v2.17.1255

bios 11/14/2018

ver. 1ASOI029


when i look with CPUID program, it says (look at the attachment pls.)


Also device drivers nowhere to be found?


Why change bios?


I the bios the start sequence of the HDD's is wrong. It sees always disk 1 first and than disk 0. (disk0 is the C-drive) both are SSD. only the C-drive (disk0) is a ssd-m drive. (like a printmodulecard).

disk0 is system disk, disk1 is not. thats a data disk




i have a problem with easyrec win10 pro from neosmart.

since this is a new laptop in UEFI enviremont the program won't run completly.

It needs no secure boot and legacy mode in the bios.

i can't find legacy in the bios so it won't run this program completly.

after support from neosmart they gave up on me.

so now i have to search the solution for myself.


i also will attach a print of the moment that easyrec win10 pro starts than comes into the menu. when i gave command automatic repair, it hangs and won't repair. only the logo keeps circling arround.


is there anyone who can help please.





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Almost all PCs - laptops included - moving forward, will not have Legacy support, so NeoSmart needs to modify their software to work with it. As for Secure Boot, well, it imposes rules that will limit what you can do; that's what the feature is for.


As for BIOS updates, their general availability is limited for RVP platforms. This is the price you pay for going out on the bleeding edge. Same goes for drivers. You aren't paying for a prototype system like this, so you cannot expect the vendor to spend a lot of time supporting you (but if you did pay, then the vendor is responsible and you should be jumping on them to support you properly)


Bottom line, we cannot help you here. If there was a BIOS update, you would need to get it through your vendor regardless.





thanks for the answer, although its dissapointing.

i had hoped that there were updates for this laptop.

I don't know exactly what you mean by"bleeding edge" and paying for a prototype"

U953 and RVP7 doesn't say anything to me. what is that? it comes from Intel i know, but what kind of device? idon't know. enlight me please.

the laptop works superfast, no complains at all.

Only i had put onmy own win10Pro NL OS on it , instead of the german version.

After that i had some starting up issues, also i put in a 1TB SSD, than i saw the sequence. i can't change it.

The boot was corrupt and therefore i neede my (bought) easyrecwin10 pro software. They (at neosmart) were convinced that it should work. i even got a beta version.

this version starts the program, yes, but executing no!

that should be a bios problem they say.

i think its strange that the software starts so far and just wen it must adjust it fails???


So thx for your answer and please clear for me your remarks.





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An RVP is a Reference Vehicle. This is a prototype board that Intel uses to implement support for and test new chipsets, new processor generations, etc. It is used to resolve many of the implementation and design issues that may come up with new designs. Intel subsequently gives these designs to ODMs, OEMs, etc. and they then base their product designs upon it (doing some level of product differentiation, of course). RVPs will also have a prototype BIOS. This too is used to flesh out the BIOS-level support that is necessary for the platform and the support of the new chipsets, new processors, etc. Intel does this in concert with IBVs, who will then have the basis for the product BIOSs they will then deliver and/or help deliver.


So, there are two possibilities here. The first possibility is that this is a prototype laptop that has been provided to you for evaluation purposes. In this case, it may be so early in the process that drivers are not yet available. In the development of RVPs, Intel only goes so far with the BIOS and then considers it done (the ODMs, OEMs, IBVs take over from there). As a result, RVPs likely will not see any BIOS updates after this point is reached. The second possibility is that this is a vendor's product that you purchased and its board just happens to have a name that identifies itself with the RVP design that it was derived from. Regardless of which possibility is in fact the case, you still need to be looking to the vendor for BIOS updates (if any) and drivers. They would only come to you through the vendor.


Remember that you can also look for generic drivers for Intel silicon in Intel's Download Center (


Hope this helps,


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Oh, I almost forgot. We refer to folks who are using so-called leading edge products as actually being on the bleeding edge because it is very easy for them to get hurt by product delays, issues, bugs, etc. This emoticon says it all: 😭




Hi Scott,


Thanks for enlightning this issue.

I bought this laptop through and it comes out of a store in China. This store is not reachable.

So i have to deal with WISH support and they are a mess!!!! they don't understand what i'm asking / talking about. But drivers and bios is for me common sence.

so there i'm stuck in the proces.


I paid almost € 700,- for this laptop. so its probably not a prototype of thing.

I bought it but can not reach the vendor!

that sucks!


I'm using Intel driver and support assistant now, they have updated some things like the videocards.

But through here i also didn't find a bios update.


On AMI , i also didn't find my bios.




what can/should i do?


send back? it runs like hell, so thats not the problem. Only after sale support is ZERO! and also not to be found.




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Well, any decision to return the laptop is completely in your hands. All I can say is that *I* wouldn't put up with this level of support (or lack thereof). Even with my level of expertise, considering how much this costs, I would have an expectation that I am going to get at least three years of ongoing support - including BIOS and driver updates - and anything less is unacceptable.


That said, we can look into what we can do ourselves. For the BIOS issue, there are typically Setup parameters that control the boot order. AMI typically supports the <F2> key as the one to hit at power-on or reset to get into BIOS Setup, but it is possible that they used <Esc>. Try them both. Once you are in, look for a section/menu entry for Boot parameters. There should be parameters (or changeable list) that control the boot order.