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i7 3770 not stable at 3.9 ghz..



just ordered a asus h77 v model for i7 3rd gen 3770 but now having difficult time as Intel suggest that 3770 uses 1 and 2 core at 3.9 GHz and 4 core at 3700 MHz at full load .. but when checking with prime95 with only 2 threads it mostly stables at 3.7ghz but for a sec or two reaches 3.8 and some times reaches 3.9ghz ... only for a sec . my question is why this is not stable at GHz Intel suggest .... the temps iam getting seems fine 60-c at full load its always stable at 3.7 when i test with 8 threads...or 2.thread.......... iam not getting why its never stop at 3.9ghz for even 5 SECONDS... IT DISAPPEARS WITH A BLINK OF AN EYE ... IS THIS NORMAL..why THIS ISSUE.IS CAUSING. ANY HELP....

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Hello mani008, please note that the standard clock speed of the processor is 3.4 GHz as per link below. Turbo-boost works automatically and goes from 3.4 up to 3.9 GHz depending on several factors such as temperature, voltage, power and load.

The behavior of your processor appears to be normal; however, just to make sure I would recommend running the Intel® Processor Diagnostic tool. Processors; What is the Intel� Processor Diagnostic Tool?